Abhyanga Ayurveda Oil Massage

The ancient traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage consists of stimulating the Marma, energy points through which the Prâna moves, using strong pressure, light pressure and massage to rebalance organ functions. From the feet to the hairline, each area is massaged carefully, taking into account the various elements that they are made up of: air, water and fire, organised into three systems: VATA-nervous and hormonal systems, PITA-enzyme and digestive system and KAPHA-fluids.It uses tonic movements alternated with relaxing movements to provide both relaxation and energy.

Ayurvedic massage uses hot herbs infused oils, sometimes combined with essential oils or Vegetable oil with essential oils inaccordance to your needs and wishes.

Its ancient techniques relaxes our body muscles, gets rid of nervous tension, eliminates stress and helps you sleep. By restoring blood flow, it can also drive out toxins caused by poor nutrition and pollution. It’s an energetic massage which helps prevent many health problems. It should be part of a healthy lifestyle alongside a balanced diet, yoga, breathing and meditation. Usually followed by other therapies, warm bath or a yoga session to heighten the effects.

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