Hot Medicinal Bath Therapy in handmade copper bathtub

Hot Tibetan Medicinal Bath Therapy (Dhutse-Ngalum) derived from natural products, is a part of water therapy practiced in traditional Tibetan medicine. Developed through long clinical practice over a period of more than one thousand years, this practice is established as one of the prominent therapy in the Tibetan medical system. Various herbal ingredients are combined with the qualitative value of water and fire elements, having the characteristics of fluidity and burning respectively. Enriched with the triple contents of medicine, water and fire, this treatment has the same therapeutic value as that of a natural hot spring.

This therapy helps in easing mental restlessness and harmonizing physical humors, promoting physical strength, enhancing complexion and acts as an aphrodisiac. It combats contraction and stiffness of limbs due to abnormality of tendon and ligament resulting from gout, arthritis and swelling of leg muscle, distortion of waist nerve, muscle degeneration, to alleviate swelling of the legs, menstrual pain, varicose veins, nerve disorder.

This therapy is specially effective against chronic disease like skin problem caused by lymph disorder, necrosis, malignant wound, ulcer of the vital and vessel organs, poisoning, swelling due to lung disorder, menstrual disorder and rough skin.

Ingredients: Ephedra sp – the nectar of shade which rejuvenate and prolongs life. Rhododendron sp – the nectar of meadow which give pliancy to skin. Artemesia sp – the nectar of earth which harmonise the physical elements. Myricaria squamosa – the nectar of water which drains toxic and infection of bone. Juniperus squamata – the nectar of daylight which is endowed with eight qualities. Supplement ingredients like Calcite, Trona, Sulphur, Tribulus terrestris, Shorea robusta along with various flowers(devoid of any adverse affect) are also added.

Restriction: Patients suffering from epidemic, fever, oedema, high blood pressure and heart problem should avoid the therapy, as should pregnant women.

This product is made by Men-Tsee-Khang, the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute reestablished by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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