Tibetan Traditional Medicine

Maintaining the health and balance of our body, energy and mind is a full-time job. Tibetan Medicine teaches us to always pay attention to our diet and lifestyle to avoid developing long-term problems and optimize our health. We should invest in our “self-care”, listen to our bodies, and develop healthy habits to help ourselves out whenever possible.

The Traditional Tibetan Medicine system is a detailed and integrated one with two main objectives; prevention aspect of illness and the curative aspects of illness where treatments generally fall into four basic categories:

  1. Therapeutic Diet
  2. Modifications to Lifestyle
  3. Use of Herbal Medicines
  4. Application of External Therapies.


Ku Nye, Traditional Tibetan Oil Massage

Ku Nye  belongs to the fourth category of treatment which is well documented in Traditional Tibetan Medicine. It is used to maintain or restore balance to the organism. Other external therapies include: various types of moxabustion, stick therapy, cupping, Lums bathing therapy, stone and shell massage, and the use of compresses.

Ku Nye is an ancient external therapeutic treatment in Tibetan Medicine, It is an excellent way to relax and promote general health and well-being. It soothes anxiety & mental exhaustion, helps relieve insomnia, clears the sense organs, especially indicated for all disorders of loong energy, psychological and emotional imbalances including agitation, anxiety, depression, moodiness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and insomnia, back pain including upper, middle, and lower back, tight muscles, joints and ligaments, neck and shoulder rigidity, dry skin and rough body, helps relieve constipation and promotes over-all health and strengthen our immune systems.

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