Ne Jang Yoga


Nejang is derived from the teachings of Büton Rinchen Drub’s Kalachakra Tantra (the word tantra means “continuum” or “lineage”). But it is not reserved for the elite yogis! It can be practiced by everyone. Proof of this is that Tibetan doctors have used it for centuries for their own well-being and indicate certain exercises to their patients according to their pathologies.

In his great generosity, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, practitioner of Tibetan Medicine, transmitted this Yoga Nejang so that it is accessible to the greatest number, because it is a precious tool of prevention. One can choose 3 or 4 movements per day and practice them in prevention or simply for a daily well-being.

24 movements

A complete Nejang Yoga session consists of 24 movements. They can be done whatever the physical condition. Each movement has a therapeutic indication and a very precise tantric indication, which we transmit here, in order to respect the tradition. But the effects of these exercises are above all a personal experience and it is good that everyone takes the time to observe and understand it. The exercises are very simple and do not require much physical effort. Yet, at the end of a session, you feel completely regenerated!

The exercise is done by holding the breath in the “vase”, i.e. in the lower part of the abdomen by lowering the diaphragm and closing the base slightly. It is recommended to do only 3 to 5 exercises per day.

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