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Gelek Yakar

Languages spokenTibetan, English, Italian, Hindi, Kannada and French

Teacher of yoga, meditation, therapy, external therapies of Tibetan medicine and sword of wisdom.

The father of two children, he was born in India in the largest Tibetan community in exile where His Holiness the Dalai Lama lives. He began studying at the Tibetan school TCV (founded by the Dalai Lama’s sister) and continued in zoology at the University of Chennai before coming to Europe.

He first works as a translator in a Buddhist centre and cultural association in Italy and studied in the international law University in Milan while working in the international insurance sector for 7 years.

During this period, Gelek began to experience and learn physical problems and work-related mental stress. He then began to look for ways to treat himself with natural therapies in different eastern and western cultures. The results were astonishing and his health improved rapidly. He then decided to radically change his professional career and turned to natural therapies. He is passionate about not only physical but also mental health. An art of living that becomes essential in his life.

My goal is to help people by making them discover the benefits of natural therapies and its applications in eastern and western world and to share my personal and professional experiences, acquired over several years and across different cultures.


He travelled in search of different approaches in Natural Therapies in countries like Thailand, India and several European countries where natural therapies are widely practiced. He received the teachings on Buddhist philosophy from a great reincarnated master, Kangyur Rinpoche.

Gelek, in addition to the natural therapies that he had been practicing since 2007, practices and teaches Tibetan yoga and meditation. Methods to find calm and inner peace, which he believes are the true qualities to cultivate in our daily lives.

Currently, he is completing his studies in Tibetan medicine.

Some of his key teachers and masters

  • Meditation, external therapies in Tibetan medicine and Tibetan yoga with Dr Nida Chenagtsang (Italy)
  • Meditation, Tog Chöd – the wisdom sword and Lu Jong – Tibetan healing yoga with Tulku  Lobsang Rinpoche (Austria)
  • Tibetan Medicine Workshops with Dr Tsultrim (Holland)
  • Tibetan medicine with Dr Passang Yonten (Italy and Switzerland)
  • Various courses in academic medicine: anatomy, physiology, pathology. (Switzerland)

ASCA approved since 2018

Some insurers contribute financially to these treatments. However, insurers offer many complementary insurances covering complementary medicine treatments to varying degrees. Therefore, if you wish to know if the therapy is refunded, you are advised to check with your insurer.


Andreea Catalina

Spoken languages: French and English

Services provided

Care, classical massage, relaxation, anti-cellulite

Many years of experience in the field of health and well-being

The aromatouch technique uses essential oils specially selected for their therapeutic, relaxing and stimulating properties to reduce stress, stimulate the immune system, relax muscles or soothe joint pain. It is a very effective method and also an alternative solution that is indicated for the following conditions:

  • cervical, dorsal or lumbar spondilosis
  • lomosciatic
  • osteoarthritis
  • blood and lymphatic circulation disorders
  • tendonitis
  • muscle contractions

Results of the therapeutic massage:

  • relieves migraines and dizziness
  • creates elasticity and muscle tone
  • stimulates circulation
  • relieves muscle and joint pain

The main objective of reflexology is to eliminate toxins and stimulate the functions of the whole body. It consists of massaging key points on the surface of the soles of the feet or palms of the hands, which correspond to certain organs of the body.
Reflexology treated diseases: stress, insomnia, depression, rheumatism, arthritis, gastritis, ulcer, hemorrhoids, hypertension, asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, kidney problems, thyroid problems, menopause disorders, painful periods, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, migraines.

The classic-relaxing massage is a natural and quick solution for those moments when you need to regain your inner balance, but also the dose of energy necessary to face the daily challenges. It helps to release endorphins and serotonins, which has a significant psychological impact. A relaxing massage can also be a great choice to relax after a day’s work, enjoying many important benefits it brings to your body.

Tashi Tsering

Language spoken: French, Tibetan, Chinese and English

Services provided

Care, Tuina massage, Ku Nye, herbal bags

Several years of experience in the field of health and well-being

  • Tuina Massage
  • Deep work on meridian harmonization
  • Massage with herbal bags
  • Ku Nye Tibetan massage
    Ku Nye is an external therapeutic treatment of Tibetan medicine that promotes relaxation, well-being and health in general. It soothes anxiety, mental exhaustion, helps to overcome insomnia, purifies the sensory organs. Specially indicated for all r Lung energy disorders, psychological and emotional imbalances including agitation, anxiety, depression, mood swings, dizziness, lack of concentration and insomnia, it also soothes lumbar pain (lower, middle, upper), contracted muscles, joints and ligaments, stiff neck and shoulders, dry skin and rough body, constipation and, finally, promotes good general health and strengthens the immune system.
Leslie Le Roux

Tashi Tsering

Language spoken: French and English


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